Pontastic Starter Kit Instructions

 How to Use the Pontastic Starter Kit

  1. Rinse Pontastic with water before first use to remove any dust that has formed during shipping and transport. You can easily do this by filling your inner clear pot with the Pontastic provided and running water over this. It's best to do this outside or over a bucket so dust doesn't go down your sink.
  2. You can "ponvert" your existing plants by carefully removing the soil or other medium from the roots as much as possible and re-planting them into Pontastic.
  3. Fill the Inner Pot with Pontastic up to 1/3 high then add your plant and top up to fully fill the inner pot.
  4. Water your plant as normal from the top and allow the water in the bottom of the pot to fill up in the reservoir not higher than 1/3 of the way.
  5. Over the next few weeks your plant will transition its roots to Pontastic and continue to top up the reservoir.
  6. The slow-release fertiliser in Pontastic will support your plant for up to 6 months without any additional fertilisation.