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Black Scoria Lava Rock (3-6mm)

Black Scoria Lava Rock (3-6mm)

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Scoria is a volcanic rock that is highly porous which has been formed from rapidly cooling lava. The high surface area of the rocks allows moisture and nutrients to be absorbed while also remaining porous. Scoria works well to add aeration and drainage into potting mixes, mediums or soil as an additive.

This is the Black version of our Scoria which is a dark charcoal grey colour when dry and black when damp. We also have Red Scoria available.

Scoria can also be known as Lava Rock. Scoria is similar to Pumice but is slightly heavier.

  • Suitable for most plants.
  • Extremely well-draining and provides aeration.
  • Natural Volcanic Product
  • 3-6mm Grade Size
  • 3 or 5 Litre Bag
  • Beautiful Charcoal Black Colour
  • Scoria has many uses, but it is particularly loved by Cacti, Succulent, Orchid and Bonsai growers.


  • Please rinse Scoria with water before first use to remove any dust that has formed during shipping and transport.
  • Our Scoria is sold by volume and is measured at the time of packing, some settling of contents may occur during shipping.


High quality Volcanic Scoria Lava Rocks, Premium Grade Horticultural, Natural
3-6mm Grade Size, Black Colour.

Our Packaging

Our Scoria is hand packed by The Plant Boys and we use only recyclable and compostable packaging materials which are sustainably produced.
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