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CocoLite Aroid Blend

CocoLite Aroid Blend

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Unlock the full potential of your aroid plants with our specially formulated CocoLite Aroid Blend. Crafted with the unique needs of Araceae family plants (which includes most indoor plants) like Alocasia, Philodendron, Monstera, Anthurium, Pothos/Epipremnum, Aglaonema, Caladium and Syngonium in mind, our blend promises optimal growth and vibrant foliage. 

Lightweight and Airy: Our blend is designed for supreme aeration, ensuring that your plant roots breathe easy.

CocoLite Aroid Blend can also be used for propagation of plants.

Unleash the full beauty and vitality of your aroids with CocoLite Aroid Blend—your plants will thank you!

Why Choose CocoLite Aroid Blend?

  1. Hand-Mixed Perfection: Each bag is hand-mixed to ensure a uniform blend, making it ideal for all aroids.
  2. Fast-Draining: Prevent root rot with our mix that drains excess water efficiently.
  3. Easy-to-Use: Simply transplant your aroids into a pot with CocoLite Aroid Blend and water as usual. No additional fertilisers needed for the first month.

What's in it?

This soil-free blend contains:

  • High-quality coarse Perlite,
  • Chunky Coco Chips (7-12mm),
  • and Coco Peat to replicate a natural growing environment.

Directions for Use:

  1. Fill your plant container with CocoLite Aroid Blend up to half full.
  2. Place your aroid plant into the blend and fill the remaining space around the root ball.
  3. Water moderately until the blend is moist but not soggy.


  • Our CocoLite Aroid Blend has been washed and may be damp with a small amount of moisture, this may be visible on our eco-friendly paper packaging.
  • Our CocoLite Aroid Blend is sold by volume and is measured at the time of packing, some settling of contents may occur during shipping.

Our Packaging

Our CocoLite Aroid Blend is hand mixed and hand packed by The Plant Boys and we use only recyclable and compostable packaging materials which are sustainably produced.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Good choice for my plants. Packed well.

Deborah Saffioti

Happy with product


Perfect! Planting medium was great and my plants are very happy. Quick and professional. Exactly what I ordered.

Sarah Lovison

Perfect soil blend for indoor plants! Thanks team!


Very thankful I came across your website and ordered good quality mix from your store for my orchids can’t be happier with the quality right consistency for the natural growth they will thrive better and my plants will love me for it. Highly recommended website business is my go to place for when I’m needing some more. 😊