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GT Foliar

GT Foliar

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Unleash Plant Potential with GT Foliar: Your Secret to a Thriving Indoor Garden!

Elevate your indoor garden from just green to absolutely glorious with GT Foliar! Are you ready to step up your plant game and evolve from a good grower to a great one? GT Foliar is your ticket to turning that dream into lush, tangible reality.

Growth Technology have crafted GT Foliar with a blend of passion, science, and a touch of gardening magic. Designed for the discerning plant parent, it's not just any foliar feed - it's a powerhouse elixir ready to supercharge your plant's vigour and vitality!

Why You’ll Love GT Foliar:

  • Full Mineral Profile: A complete set of nutrients, including chelated trace elements, to ensure every leaf's powerhouse is fully charged.
  • Amino Acid Array: With 20 different types, the building blocks of life are at your plants' fingertips—or should we say leaf tips?
  • Triple Kelp Complex: Harness the ocean's goodness with naturally occurring growth boosters.
  • Fulvic Acid: Consider it the ultimate pep-talk your plants needed, ensuring they're at the top of their game!
  • Silicon Strength: Toughen up those cells for plants that stand tall and face the world with unyielding resilience.
  • Wetting Agent Wonder: No drop wasted, as our solution ensures that each spray is fully absorbed, delivering nutrients right where they're needed.

Experience the GT Foliar Advantages:

  • Fast-Track Nutrient Uptake: Watch with amazement as your plants soak up the goodness and flourish.
  • Stress-buster: Wave goodbye to deficiency distress, GT Foliar's got your back, mate.
  • Critical Growth Crutch: Support your green buddies through their growth spurts and critical phases.
  • Quality Harvest: Taste and see the difference in your edible plant yield—for plant aficionados by plant aficionados.
  • Plant Wellness Ensured: Happy plants equal a happy plant parent, and GT Foliar is here to ensure that bliss.
  • Guard Against The Bad Guys: With enhanced pest and disease resistance, your indoor garden becomes a fortress.

How do I use GT Foliar?

GT Foliar comes in a ready to use trigger pack. It couldn’t get much easier – simply point and spray. GT Foliar should be applied in low light conditions as a fine mist to both the tops and undersides of leaves. Avoid spraying blooms and buds as this can lead to bud rot. Avoid drenching the plant as this can compromise the plants' ability to absorb the solution. Spraying in excessively hot conditions can prove to be a waste of time as stomata are generally closed.

How often should I use GT Foliar?

For optimum growth, quality and health, mist your plants with GT Foliar 2 to 3 times a week. If you want to push your plant to the limit, spray daily during active and vigorous periods of growth when nutrient demand is high and the leaves are particularly efficient at absorbing nutrients.

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Stella Robertson

fabulous product