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Hoya Davidcummingii

Hoya Davidcummingii

Hoya cumingiana

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Introducing the Hoya Davidcummingii, a true gem for those looking to add a dash of uniqueness to their indoor garden collection. This splendid Hoya species stands out with its petite, succulent-like leaves that cluster densely along its trailing vines, making it a perfect fit for terrariums or compact hanging displays.

The real charm of the Hoya Davidcummingii comes alive when it's in bloom. The plant produces dainty, star-shaped flowers, typically white with a hint of pink at the core. These blossoms not only add visual delight but also emanate a subtle, pleasing fragrance that's bound to capture the senses.

If you're chasing a plant that's both attractive and easy-going, the Hoya Davidcummingii is right up your alley. Its modest water and light requirements paired with its striking appearance make it a must-have for plant aficionados.

Hoya Collection Number 41

Flowers Star-shaped, pinkish-white flowers that form in clusters, emitting a sweet scent.
Position Prefers bright, indirect light but can adapt to moderate shade.
Temperature Enjoys a warm, humid environment but can tolerate cooler climates if shielded from frost.
Water Keep drier in winter in colder climates and moist in warmer months. In tropical climates, reduce watering in summer to promote more flowers.
Fertiliser Weak dose regularly in warmer months.
Repotting Only when plant is well advanced in pot or mid-spring to late summer. Growth is rapid so plant can be trimmed to shape when required or allowed to grow to any size.
Pet Friendly Hoyas are Pet Friendly.


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