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Hoya Erythrostemma

Hoya Erythrostemma

Hoya erythrostemma

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Introducing the Hoya Erythrostemma – a stunningly beautiful plant perfect for any indoor space. From its graceful cascading stems to its colourful new growth, this charming tropical vine is sure to turn heads and provide lasting style for your home.

The foliage of the Hoya Erythrostemma features dark green leaves no bigger than 5cm wide, criss-crossed with light green veins. When the sun shines brighter on new growth, it takes on a perfectly vibrant red hue against the rest of its darker surroundings.

This plant adds a unique touch to any interior setting thanks to its magnificent trailing habit and captivating colour palette. Add this wonderful plant to your home for an eye-catching piece of décor that will stay beautiful year after year! If cared for just right, you’ll be in awe as your own personal jungle slowly grows before your eyes!

Hoya Collection Number 71

Flowers Hairy white star-shaped flowers with dark magenta center which produce nectar.
Position Full sun to heavy shade, flowers better under higher sun levels. Indoors it will grow well but will not flower as well.
Temperature Cool to moderate range, may need to be protected in severe frost areas.
Water Keep drier in winter and moist in warmer months.
Fertiliser Weak dose regularly in warmer months.
Repotting Only when plant is well advanced in pot or mid-spring.
Pet Friendly Hoyas are Pet Friendly.


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