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Maranta Red Vein

Maranta Red Vein

Maranta Leuconeura "Erythroneura"

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Introducing the Red Vein Maranta - nature embodied, right in your home! This ornamental tropical plant has foliage that is guaranteed to leave you in awe. The unique leaves display stunning patterns and distinct, colourful veins or blotches; they resemble works of art and are sure to be a conversation starter when guests come by. In the evening, they'll lift upwards and take on an even more eye-catching look, giving it its other name—the Prayer Plant. The perfect way to add some flair to your indoor space or further liven up subtropical climates all year round! With its graceful nature and the symbolism it embodies, the Red Vein Maranta has something special to offer. Come have a look today- you won’t be disappointed!

Position Keep in filtered light. Avoid direct sunlight, heaters and draughty positions.
Temperature Temperatures above 20c will speed up growth, between 10 and 20c growth will be slow and plants can be pruned to keep compact. This Maranta is hardy but will not survive outdoors in cold climates.
Water Water well if kept in pots but sparingly in terrariums, potting mix should be allowed to almost dry between waterings. Keep on the dry side in winter.
Fertiliser Weak dose regularly in warmer months. Only fertilise if you would like the plant to grow. Less fertiliser will keep plants shorter and more compact.
Repotting Only when plant is well advanced in pot or mid-spring.
Pet Friendly Maranta are Pet Friendly

May also be known as: Maranta Red, Prayer Plant, Red Vein Maranta, Maranta Leuconeura

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Customer Reviews

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Great plants and very quick well packed delivery

will riner
First time

My maranta plant arrived promptly and in great condition. Very impressed with with packaging and the quality of the plant. Thank you Plant Boys.


Great plant and great size