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Monstera Siltepecana

Monstera Siltepecana

Monstera Siltepecana

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Introducing our stunning Monstera Siltepecana, a captivating addition to any plant lover's collection! This remarkable Monstera variety boasts deep green leaves covered in mesmerising silver markings, which gracefully fade as the plant grows. As it matures, the leaves develop unique fenestrations or holes, accompanied by a gorgeous silvery-blue hue.
Allow your Monstera Siltepecana to climb up a totem or elegantly drape from a bookcase for a truly eye-catching display.
Don't miss out on this extraordinary plant – explore the captivating charm of the Monstera Siltepecana today!

Position Keep in indirect light or provide artificial light. In warmer climates that can live outdoors in shade.
Temperature Temperatures above 20 degrees will speed up growth. Prefers temperatures above 10 degrees.
Water Water well but allow to almost dry out completely between waterings.
Fertiliser Fertilise during warmer months to encourage growth.
Repotting Only when well established in pot or mid-spring.
Pet Friendly Monstera are Not Pet Friendly

May also be known as: Silver Monstera

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