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Perlite (Coarse)

Perlite (Coarse)

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Give your plants the best possible start with Perlite. This lightweight, non-toxic volcanic glass product is a must-have for any keen gardener! Perlite is specially designed to help improve drainage, aeration and moisture retention in growing media, giving your plants access to the nutrition they need to achieve robust health and strong root development.

Perlite's inclusion in potting mixes, propagation mixes or soil conditioning will not only provide your plants with the nutrients they need to thrive, but it will also help to prevent overwatering and compacted soils that can lead to weakened health and stunted flowering.

Say goodbye to soggy roots or dry dirt with this amazing product – Perlite will give you peace of mind knowing that your plants are getting the attention they deserve. Using Perlite in combination with other soil additives is a great way to create an environment conducive to proper growth while encouraging vibrant flowers and successful crops.
Know that you’re making a smart decision when you include this natural component in your gardening routine!


  • Please rinse Perlite with water before first use to remove any dust that has formed during shipping and transport.
  • Our Perlite is sold by volume and is measured at the time of packing, some settling of contents may occur during shipping.


High quality Volcanic Glass Perlite, Premium Grade Horticultural
Coarse Grade

Our Packaging

Our Perlite is hand packed by The Plant Boys and we use only recyclable and compostable packaging materials which are sustainably produced.
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Customer Reviews

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Allan Busch

Perfect size perlite, just needs to be in a 10kg package. 5kg not big enough.


Awesome product! My plants love it! Thank you for the very efficient service! Highly recommend The Plant Boys!


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