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Philodendron Sun Red

Philodendron Sun Red

Philodendron 'Sun Red'

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Get ready to transform your indoor space with the spectacular Philodendron Sun Red. This resilient variety stands out for its hardy characteristics and dazzling colour transformation over time. Younger leaves start off in a bright red hue, gradually developing into a rich red-orange that fades into purple and green. Adding a splash of colour to any area, the big, pointed leaves are glossy and striking - the perfect feature plant!

If you're looking for an easy-to-care-for addition to your home or garden, this is it! Enjoy long-lasting lush foliage with minimal effort: simply make sure your Philodendron Sun Red is placed in sunshine but also receives some shade during hotter hours, allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings, and wipe down the leaves regularly so dust build up doesn't occur.

The Philodendron Sun Red will have instant impact in any decor setting: a touch of luxury combined with plenty of personality. Transform your living area, balcony or patio now – you won't be disappointed!

Position Keep in some direct sunlight or provide artificial light. Avoid heaters and draughty positions.
Temperature Temperatures above 20 degrees will speed up growth. Keep temperatures above 10 degrees.
Water Water well if kept in pots but sparingly in terrariums; potting mix must be allowed to almost dry between waterings. Keep on the dry side in winter.
Fertiliser Only fertilise if you would like the plant to grow larger. Lack of fertiliser will keep the plant shorter and more compact.
Repotting Only when well established in pot or mid-spring.
Pet Friendly Philodendron are not Pet Friendly

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Catherine Lombard
Safe and sound

Arrived packed beautifully and so healthy, brand new leaf ready to unfurl in its new home with me. Thanks boys 🍀


Very very sad and not potted properly. Damaged during transit.