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Pontastic Starter Kit

Pontastic Starter Kit

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The Pontastic Starter Kit is the easiest way to get started with semi-hydroponic growing! The Kit contains everything you need to transition (or "ponvert") a plant to Pontastic and grow it plus will look great in your home. It also makes a great gift for the indoor plant enthusiast.

What's in the Pontastic Starter Kit?

  • A clear Inner Pot made from transparent plastic. Using a clear inner pot is useful to be able to keep an eye on your plant's root and health without disturbing it.
  • A decorative ceramic Outer Pot sometimes called a cache pot, this pot is glazed and will become your reservoir when watering your plant.
  • A starter size of our Pontastic mix with enough to pot your plant into the Inner Pot. You can read more about Pontastic here.
  • Instructions on how to transition your chosen plant to Pontastic and look after it in its new home.


What Options are there for the Kit?

Our Pontastic Starter Kit comes in two sizes:

11cm x 9cm
Outer Pot

The Inner Pot has a Diameter of 9cm and a Height of 8.5cm.
The Outer Pot is White and has a Diameter of 11cm and a Height of 9cm.

14cm x 12cm
Outer Pot

The Inner Pot has a Diameter of 10cm and a Height of 10cm.
The Outer Pot is White and has a Diameter of 14cm and a Height of 12cm.

How to use it?

  1. Rinse Pontastic with water before first use to remove any dust that has formed during shipping and transport.
  2. You can "ponvert" your existing plants by carefully removing the soil or other medium from the roots as much as possible and re-planting them into Pontastic.
  3. Fill the Inner Pot with Pontastic up to 1/3 high then add your plant and top up to fully fill the inner pot.
  4. Water your plant as normal from the top and allow the water in the bottom of the pot to fill up in the reservoir not higher than 1/3 of the way.
  5. Over the next few weeks your plant will transition its roots to Pontastic and continue to top up the reservoir.
  6. The slow-release fertiliser in Pontastic will support your plant for up to 6 months without any additional fertilisation.

Our Packaging

The Pontastic Starter Kit is hand created by The Plant Boys and we use only recyclable and compostable packaging materials which are sustainably produced.

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