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Brand NEW Game Changing Product Available in 250mL and 1 Litre size.

Are you looking for a way to help your plants reach their full potential? Introducing Growth Technology Rootzone - the revolutionary, newly-released formula designed to give your plant's root system and growth an unbeatable boost.

After 5 years of development, 12 in-house trials, and 97 independent trials, we’re proud to have this remarkable product available at our store.

Rootzone is a root biostimulant designed to encourage explosive root growth. Its organic-based blend of marine and plant extract, fulvic acid, thiamine and potassium all come together to give your plants the upper edge. But Rootzone isn’t just about roots - optimum root health leads to optimum plant health overall, so you can look forward to more than just faster root growth.

For seedlings and cuttings, mix 0.5mL per litre of water.
For more matured plants mix 1mL per litre of water.
That means a 250mL pack size will give you up to 500 litres of Rootzone solution.

Rootzone should be and can safely be used with other GT products throughout your plant's entire lifecycle.

Choose Growth Technology Rootzone today if you're looking for a reliable booster that will set new heights in your in or outdoor garden's growth!

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Customer Reviews

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Everything arrived in top condition and securely packaged. Looking forward to the ficus quercifolifolia growing in its new home.


Love this product, it really gives a boost to plants.
Very handy to perk up after the stress of Australia Post lol.