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Tillandsia Cyanea Pink Quill

Tillandsia Cyanea Pink Quill

Tillandsia Cyanea Paradise 'Pink Quill'

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Prepare to be in awe of the beautifully unique Tillandsia Cyanea Pink Quill plant. Don't let its small foot print fool you, because this delightful little bromeliad packs a punch with its gorgeous display of vibrant pink bracts (a modified leaf) that look just like ink quills - hence their name! You'll definitely steal all your friends' attention when you bring it into your home as they simply won't have seen anything quite like it before. And not only that, but it also produces a delightful touch of colour with the small blue or mauve flowers that come out for a few weeks during summer.

This charming plant is an effortless addition to your collection, as its bracts will remain colourful and vibrant for up to 6 months – giving plenty of time for everyone around you to admire the beauty of the Pink Quill. Add some life and personality to any corner of your house today and purchase yourself a Tillandsia Cyanea Pink Quill!

Position Keep in bright indirect sunlight or provide artificial light. Avoid heaters and draughty positions.
Temperature Best kept indoors or protected outdoors out of winter frosts and rain.
Water Water when almost dry and soil has almost dried out completely.
Fertiliser Weak fertiliser over the warmer months.
Repotting Only when well established in pot.
Pet Friendly Tillandsia are Pet Friendly

May also be known as: Tillandsia Cyanea 'Pink Quill Plant', Wallisia Cyanea Paradise 'Pink Quill'

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Love love loves

Wasn’t very happy when I received my order, in fact really pissed off.

Wth myself that is. Why didn’t I order more. I am definitely not a gardener, however I now have some beautiful living creations in my home, all because of this amazing little plant. I also have to thank all those involved in my delivery. The care that was taken was outstanding. The best way to describe the delivery was as though I was bringing a new baby into my home. There was not a hair (leaf) harmed. I didn’t think I had room in my house for a living garden however all you need is room for a couple of pots. I actually got rid of some stuff just so these babies could have room to shine
These are beautiful. I have been able to build around them with baby plants with pink hues in their leaves which then allows me to blend in baby shrubs and vines with green and white hues. I can’t get over how many possibilities this little beauty has afforded me.

susan st clair
Tillandsia Cyanea Pink Quill

Thank you for your order it's absolutely beautiful love the pretty pink.


Love it! Fast shipping and plants came in amazing condition!

Pamela Watson
Pink Quill

What a beautiful plant. I was surprised it arrived in full flower and was packed perfectly. It has been a real pleasure to purchase from your company.


Excellent service. Beautiful plants. Well packed. Definitely buy again.