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Zanzibar Jungle Warrior (Large)

Zanzibar Jungle Warrior (Large)

Zamioculcas zamiifolia 'Jungle Warrior'

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NOTE: These plants are large at over 40cm tall and come with Express Plant Shipping included in the price.

Meet the Zanzibar Jungle Warrior, also known as the Black ZZ Plant, a captivating and resilient plant that adds a touch of drama to any indoor space. This unique variety of the popular ZZ plant is celebrated for its striking foliage that transitions from vibrant green to a deep, almost black hue as it matures. Perfect for plant enthusiasts looking to make a bold statement, the Zanzibar Jungle Warrior is both visually stunning and easy to care for.

The Zanzibar Jungle Warrior features glossy, feather-like leaves that emerge bright green before gradually darkening to an exquisite, nearly black colour. This striking transformation adds a dynamic and evolving element to your indoor garden. The plant's robust, upright growth habit makes it a standout piece in any room, bringing both texture and depth to your décor.

Position Keep out of direct sun. Plant can tolerate low light conditions.
Temperature They will not grow outdoors in colder climates; they must be kept in warmer areas indoors.
Water Do not over water this plant. Water only when dried out around once per month.
Fertiliser Zanzibar do not require much feeding as they are slow growing.
Repotting Zanzibar can be repotted when pot bound but can be left many years in the same pots, however growth will slow.
Pet Friendly Zanzibar are Not Pet Friendly

May also be known as: ZZ Plant, Zanzibar, Zanzibar Jungle Warrior, ZZ Black

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Customer Reviews

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Fabulous plant!

Glossy and healthy and looooves living in my dark office, where unfortunately few plants are happy. Arrived perfectly packed and in good time. I love it very much!